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Trapped in Limbo Between Two Countries

According to UNHCR statistics, Thailand is the country of asylum for over 102,000 refugees from Myanmar (Burma) who are living in nine camps in Thailand located near to the border of Myanmar. The tedium of these refugee camps is soul-destroying. Some of these refugees have been living in the camps for 30 years. Of the refugees living in the camps:

  • 83 % are ethnic Karen
  • 10 % are Karenni, and
  • 7 % are Burman, Mon or of another ethnicity.

These refugee camps have been the temporary dwelling place for many refugees awaiting a protection solution that is dependable and long-lasting, after fleeing the conflict in southeast Myanmar. Amongst the refugees are those who are maimed and limbless. In recent years, funding for the camps has dried up, with international aid donors shifting their focus of their activities inside Myanmar since economic and political reforms began in 2011.