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  • Mae Sai, Burmese Thai Border Project- copy

    IHO Global needs you to partner alongside us and give our project children a life that we in the Western world take for granted. Your support makes a significant difference in each child’s life. Your sponsorship keeps them off the streets, away from drug traffickers and in school.

  • Malunga Community Project

    April in Kenya is called the ‘hunger time’ as there is little or no food left from the last harvest and the school children are waiting for the new harvest to come in around July/August. Consequently, there is a great demand for food. Many parents at Malunga in Kenya are so poor they are unable […]

  • Jury’s Relocation Project

    Jury’s Orphanage located inside the Mae Lat Refugee Camp on the Thai/Burma border. Through these years, Jury’s has provided a safe home, food, clothing, education and critical medical care for war orphans from Burma. They are victims of a nation that today is still unstable, violent and very poor. Some of these orphans have lost […]

  • Chiang Rai Hill Tribe Children Home

    There are six major hill tribes within Thailand, they are – the Akha, Lahu, Karen, Hmong/Miao, Mien/Yao and Lisu. Nearly a million hill tribe people and forest dwellers are still treated as outsiders – criminals even, since most live in protected forests. Hundreds of thousands of them are refused citizenship although many are natives to […]

  • Minefield Village Project

    Cambodia is a country located South East Asia, bordered by the Gulf of Thailand, between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. It has a population of 15 million people. The U.S invasion and bombing of Cambodia took place more than 50 years ago as a part of the conflict in Vietnam. A major problem that Cambodia faces […]

  • Chiang Mai Agricultural Development Project for the Hill Tribe People of Northern Thailand

    “For nearly 30 years now, all of my adult life, I have lived and worked in and around many tribal villages in Northern Thailand. During this time, we have seen so many people in the villages that are very poor and under the oppression of this extreme poverty. Their income depends on their crops, and […]