Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The Board of IHO Global (hereinafter IHO Global) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information which IHO Global collects, holds and administers from disclosure to the general public.


The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to provide a framework for IHO Global in dealing with privacy concerns.

This Privacy Policy articulates the manner in which IHO Global governs, collects, maintains, uses and discloses all the information collected from Members of the Board and/or IHO Global as well as individuals dealing with IHO Global directly or users of the IHO Global website. This Privacy Policy applies to the website and all products and services offered by IHO Global.

At IHO Global every donor, volunteer, partner and any other individual or organisation we work with is important to us.

IHO Global respects and safeguards your privacy and confidentiality and is committed to accountability and transparency. We continue to strive for the highest possible standards as we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Without our donors and volunteers, we would not be able to continue to support and empower our partners as they seek to stop human trafficking and lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. IHO Global understands that giving to an organisation is a very personal decision. We also understand the trust that you place in us through your dealings with us and we will do everything we can to maintain that trust.


The Board of Directors is responsible for developing, adopting and reviewing this Policy.

The CEO is responsible for the implementation of this Policy, for monitoring changes in Privacy legislation, and for advising the Board on the need to review or revise this Policy as and when the need arises.


IHO Global only collects personal information about you that is necessary for our work. The information we collect will typically include your name and address, telephone number, email, date of birth, payment information about your donation(s), and any communications you have with us.

IHO Global may collect this information from appeal letters, our newsletter or other communications, website or telephone inquiries, donations, email inquiries, authorised voice recordings and other response mechanisms and forms.

The information we collect is used to:

  • Process donations, commitments and sponsorships
  • Issue receipts and donation statements
  • Provide follow up information about the work of IHO Global
  • Seek your continued support
  • Respond to your comments or queries
  • Offer other programs or opportunities that may be of interest to you
  • For internal reporting and compliance purposes
  • Research your attitudes and understanding of IHO Global and its programs, or about development and relief
  • Deal with enquiries and complaints made by you regarding our website
  • Provide third parties with collected statistical information about our supporters (however, those third parties will not be able to identify any individual supporter from that information).

At any time you may choose not to receive some or all of our communications, alter the frequency and type of communications, or not be contacted for research. You can do this on our website, www.ihoglobal.org, by calling 1800 316 345, or by emailing us at contact@ihoglobal.org.

Donors may also choose to give anonymously. However, in that case, tax deductible or other receipts cannot be issued. IHO Global aims to ensure that the information we collect about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. We may at times contact you to ensure that it is.


In some cases, personal information is collected by, or supplied to contractors who carry out some of these tasks directly or indirectly on our behalf, (for example mailing houses that provide services such as, sending our letters of appeal, research agencies, or fund raising organisations) who must sign strict privacy and security agreements and are also bound by the Australian Privacy Principles. These agreements are put in place for your protection to make certain that these contractors keep your personal information strictly confidential and do not use it for any other purpose other than the work we have engaged them to perform.

We do not pass on donor’s names or personal information to any other third parties, or publish them in our publications or on our website without the explicit written permission of the donor. We do not disclose personal information to partners or recipients.

We may disclose your personal information:

(a) to the extent that we are obligated by State, Territory or Commonwealth law;

(b) if we have need to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims (includes providing personal information to other entities for the purposes of mitigating credit risk and fraud prevention and);

(c) in connection with or relation to any ongoing or prospective legal actions or proceedings;

(d) to any person who we have cause to reasonably believe has applied to a court or other official authority

for the disclosure of information that falls within the definition of personal information, where in our considered opinion, such court or official authority would likely consider it fair, proper and moderate under the circumstances to issue an order for the disclosure of information that falls within the definition of personal information.

How IHO Global protects your personal information

IHO Global actively seeks to make certain that all personal information we collect is protected from access, unauthorised, misuse, modification or disclosure. We use “cookies” to track visits to our website. You are able in your internet browser settings to disable cookies. Alternatively, you can set your browser or to notify you when cookies are being sent. However, should you exercise this option some parts of the website may not function properly.

We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that your communication is stored securely, via our firewall and secure password – protected servers, both in physical and electronic forms, and that only those persons who are required access are authorised. Staff are employed on the basis that they will protect information about you. All donations and communications made via our website are secure. All electronic financial transactions entered through our website are protected by encryption technology.

If you have made a donation to IHO Global and have received a receipt for tax deductibility purposes, by law we must keep a record of your details for seven years.

How IHO Global protects children and youth

If you are 15 years of age or older, under normal circumstances we assume that you can make your own decisions regarding privacy. However, if you are under 15 years of age, we may need to obtain confirmation from your parent or guardian about your decision.

We also expect you to take particular care with the images of children from our programs, as we do. We request that you respect the consent granted by parents, guardians or community elders or leaders by not copying these images except we provide specific written permission.

On occasion we ask for sensitive information. In the interests of child safety, for any donor travelling to visit our remote partners in Australia or overseas, we will require a national police clearance among other reference checks.

Third party website

Our website includes hyperlinks to the sites and services of our partners, suppliers, sponsors, advertisers, licensors and other third party websites. We do not have control or legal authority over site content or hyperlinks that are presented on these sites and are not accountable for the practices that are utilised by websites that are linked to or from our website. In addition, these sites or services offered on the internet, including their associated content and links, may be continuously changing. These internet sites and services they offer may have their own privacy policy and customer policies. If you browse or interact on other sites on the internet, this includes websites that have a link to our site, you are subject to that website’s policies, terms and conditions, and practices of third parties.

Your right to your information

While we keep all personal information about you secure from others, you may request access to your information at any time. If you would like to know what information we possess about you, or there is an error you would like to correct, please contact our Office. We may ask for verification of your identity when you request access to your information. If you do not want IHO Global to retain your personal information, we will take reasonable and appropriate steps required to comply with your wishes, with the exception of the need to retain it for legal, auditing and/or internal risk management reasons.

However, IHO Global will refuse to give a copy to a donor in any legal dispute where access is not permitted.

If we use personal information in ways other than as delineated in this Privacy Policy, we will ensure we comply with the requirements of Privacy law.

Updating information

Please let us know if the personal information that we possess about you needs to be corrected or updated.

Respecting your privacy is paramount and is very important to us and we use every effort to make certain this occurs. However, if you hold the opinion that we have breached your privacy rights in any way, or you would like to discuss any concerns you may have with our Privacy Policy, we urge you to contact our Office. Where you request a response, you can expect to hear from us within 30 days.

Email: admin@ihoglobal.org

Continuous improvement

IHO Global is committed to ensuring that policy, systems, procedures and process are fit for purpose and to that end undertakes a process of continuous review of policy, systems, procedures and processes in relation to privacy and the National Privacy Principals. This process of continuous review is how the organisation commits itself to safeguard not only compliance but within that review process, the best possible outcomes are delivered for our donors in relation to the information they supply to us and which may be collected as part of the interaction process.

Changing this privacy policy

We may make changes to this policy and is updated from time to time without notice. Any changes to this policy will be reflected on this page.

This policy was last updated in July 2017.