Most Effective

Health Care

The most effective and direct way of helping people at risk, particularly vulnerable children and young women who are destined to be victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, is through a financial donation to a humanitarian organisation such as IHO Global.

IHO Global navigates the most effective way to break the cycle of vulnerability and allocates funds according to the immediate and long-term needs in the most cost effective way.

IHO Global funding relies upon public appeals, private and corporate donations, trusts, foundations, government grants and bequests.

The most effective support comes from the following sources:

  • One-off donations in which the funds are primarily allocated to the immediate need.
  • A Term Pledge in which the donor offers ongoing financial support for a specified term.
  • A regular deduction every fortnight or month from the donor’s bank account.

These streams of funding are necessary to provide for the immediate and sustainable needs of these children, young women and people at risk. These streams of funds enable our strategic management team to procure the exact kind of the relief and channel that relief exactly how and when it is needed.