Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Alleviate Human Suffering

Disaster relief is the provision of essential and urgent assistance to individuals, families and communities during and in the immediate aftermath of an emergency.

The term ‘disaster’ covers a range of crisis events including natural environmental disasters, conflict, slow-and rapid-onset situations, urban and rural environments, and complex political emergencies. Where appropriate, the term ‘conflict’ is also used.

Disaster relief

The Sphere Project is one of the most informative authorities that provide one of the most internationally recognized and widely known sets of universal minimum standards and common principles of humanitarian response for persons who are affected by disaster or conflict.

In their Humanitarian Charter, The Sphere Project have set forth two guiding beliefs:

  • “First, that those affected by disaster or conflict have a right to life with dignity and, therefore, a right to assistance;
  • and second, that all possible steps should be taken to alleviate human suffering arising out of disaster or conflict.”

Disaster relief can be provided in a variety of locations including at the site of a disaster or in the vicinity, to communities that become stranded or isolated by a crisis event or in an established relief setting, such as an emergency relief centre.

Disaster relief consists of a number of activities that should be planned for. Disaster relief includes:

  • shelter
  • water supply,
  • sanitation,
  • hygiene promotion,
  • food security and nutrition,
  • settlement and non-food items,
  • health action,
  • psychological support
  • livestock and animal security
  • reconnecting families and friends

Disaster relief is a collaborative effort that requires coordination between the affected community, government, not-for-profit and private sectors.

Financial donations are preferable to other types of donations such as material goods. Financial donations can easily be directed back into the local economy and allows purchases to be made that meet people’s actual needs.

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