Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics, Beliefs and Values

Code of Ethics

Together, we can do far more to help those less fortunate
in a poor community than we can do alone.

IHO Global recognizes that legal compliance, financial responsibility, and good corporate governance are essential components of philanthropic accountability. These “givens” are therefore not the focus of this document.

Our primary concern is to outline a set of principles and good practice options addressing the issue of accountability to mission, stakeholders, public citizens and ultimately, to the intended beneficiaries of our philanthropic activity.

The word ‘philanthropy’ comes from Greek origin, which directly translated means ‘the love of humanity’ in the sense of caring, nurturing and enhancing what it means to be human. A philanthropist is someone who focuses upon improving the quality of life for the betterment and advancement of a community as a whole.

Cross-border philanthropy is growing rapidly in response to the increasingly globalised world in which we live. This calls for the articulation of a code of ethics, beliefs and values that guide our decision-making processes.

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Integrity is the compass that guides us to the highest moral and ethical principles required for good governance. Integrity represents what we believe and care about. By upholding the highest ethical standards, we conserve and enhance public confidence in the honesty, fairness and social justice of our activities in the public sector.

We accept responsibility for our actions. This is a crucial ethic upon which builds and maintains a reputation of trustworthiness and accountability.

We uphold protecting the interests of our stakeholders as well as integrity of the philanthropic sector.

We avoid any activities that create actual, apparent, or potential conflicts of interest.


We respect the uniqueness, autonomy and inherent equal worth of every human being. We uphold the Charter of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations.

We are committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and impartiality. This contributes to a healthy and safe work environment.

We respect the diversity of communities in the humanitarian arena in which we work. We believe that there is strength in diversity and opportunity through inclusion.

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We strive for excellence in the design and execution of our campaigns and services.

We place a high value on listening to others, to our partners and stakeholders in particular. We make every effort to respond to others in a just, courteous and reasonable manner.

We seek to understand the economic, social, cultural, environmental and political context of the countries we work in.

We endeavour to understand the formal and informal processes that drive change. We identify key beneficiaries who are agents of change and engage them in the process and the work.

Collaboration is a continuum. We believe that supporting a collaborative culture makes us more effective. Collaboration, teamwork, sharing information and resources are essential to high performance and the pursuit of a common goal.

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The notion of stewardship has gained much credence in modern philanthropy. Stewardship is a powerful concept that challenges the moral conscience of the Not-for-profit sector. For the purposes of this code of ethics, a steward by implication is a “trustee” who accepts relational responsibility to the donor for the wise management and control of the resources that have been gifted to others. This relational responsibility, ensures that the donor’s gifts are wisely managed and are applied precisely as the donor intended.

We appreciate donors who have joined hands with us. Our stewardship ethic closes the loop by informing our donors about the progress that has been made and the important milestones that have been achieved in our campaigns. The concept of stewardship is an integral part of the organisational culture of IHO Global.

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We set high standards of performance and accountability both individually and corporately.

We respect the resourcefulness of our people. The ideas they generate are the source of our innovation.

We support and uphold the view that increased financial transparency and accountability helps to preserve the public trust and confidence in the Not-for-profits sector.

We place a high value on protecting and safeguarding confidential information.

We aim to demonstrate professional excellence by ensuring the use of resources is efficient, effective, approved and accounted for.

We acknowledge that professionalism is never static, but employs our continued efforts to improve our programs and services.

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Public Confidence

We believe in acting honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all our transactions and dealings.

We pursue certification with respective authorities and peak bodies where appropriate, or adopt comparable measures of competencies and knowledge.

We fully embrace the digital age and cutting edge technology.

We take the initiative to thoroughly research available information and use reliable data.

We learn from national and international colleagues who have who been at the forefront of philanthropy over a longer period of time.

We are mindful of fulfilling duty of care and duty to avoid doing harm to others.

We proactively manage risk. This helps to limit exposure, saves costs, demonstrates strategic initiative and enhances the expectation of stakeholders that the mission will be completed.

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Community focus

In the first instance, our vision is highly supportive of Australia’s remote indigenous communities and is closely followed by third world communities beyond our borders.

Learning how people can create a sense of community, whether at the neighbourhood level or as a global society is a priority. It is fundamental to any humanitarian endeavour.

We believe in building strong communities bonds through collaboration. This provides a basis for positive change. Encouraging citizen participation helps foster social cohesion.

We are committed to acting responsibly toward the communities in which we work and for the benefit of the communities that we serve.

Growing friendships in our partner communities is a high priority. Having meaningful friendships with a few people provides an avenue to develop a social network with other members of the community. This is all inclusive of having a long-term outlook, rather than a passing interest in a target community.

We promote the social and economic empowerment of individuals, groups, tribes and communities in attaining self-determination and self-management in the pursuit of achievement.

We are committed to environmental sustainability.

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This code of ethics is the foundation for our corporate policies. A supporting mandatory induction and an annual review ensures that the code of ethics and corporate policies are understood and consistently applied to the progressive development of our organisation.

Our code of ethics is underpinned by best practice principles used as a benchmark in philanthropy.

Our code of ethics, beliefs and values reflects the unique culture and brands of International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO Global).

We believe that the Not-for-profit sector plays a vital role in our society. It provides needed services, gives people a way to participate as citizens, stakeholders and volunteers. It stands up for those who are underprivileged and underrepresented. It pioneers solutions to major social problems. We will defend these fundamental rights to advocate and lobby for these just and worthy causes.