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Charitable Organisation for Children

Charitable Organisation for Children

Children are the future and posterity of a nation. Every child deserves an opportunity to live a life of purpose.

However, many children in underdeveloped countries face seemingly insurmountable issues such as endemic poverty, hunger, malnutrition, poor health, exposure to violence, child labour and sexual abuse.

International Humanitarian Organisation (IHO Global) has a particular interest in providing services directly for impoverished children. IHO Global endeavours to reach children in the remote rural areas of underdeveloped countries with our services.

These services include humanitarian assistance to families who struggle to survive the many associated challenges of extreme poverty. These services are mostly financial. We work in conjunction with in-country locally registered partners. IHO Global strives to provide aid and assistance to needs of our project children through education, food, clothing, safety, medical and healthcare intervention. We are advocates for poverty-stricken children.

Children need access to reliable sources of clean fresh water. They also need sanitation facilities to prevent gastroenteritis and debilitating problems such as diarrhea.

Sexual abuse and child trafficking are critical issues in poverty-stricken areas in underdeveloped countries. Providing a safe environment for children is a major concern where children are vulnerable and child trafficking is burgeoning.

The World Bank states, “Sub-Saharan Africa has both the highest rates of children living in extreme poverty at just under 50 per cent, and the largest share of the world’s extremely poor children, at just over 50 per cent.  South Asia has the second highest share at nearly 36 per cent—with over 30 per cent of extremely poor children living in India alone. More than four out of five children in extreme poverty live in rural areas.”

Behavioural, emotional and mental health problems in low-income families often start in early childhood where the incidence of early risk factors is high.

 The Power of Education

The power of education is the most important catalyst for social transformation. However, child education cannot be carried out in isolation. We reach into regions where education is under-funded and there is a shortage of classrooms and schools.

In underdeveloped countries, many families struggle each day just to survive. When parents have to choose between providing enough food for their family’s survival or sending their children to school, the family’s survival comes first. Children are often forced into dangerous labour to support their family.

Going to school costs money. A child will go to school only if the family has the means to pay for the cost of education. Many poor families (particularly the mother), have the additional stress of accessing social and healthcare services to support their children.

We can help by assisting to remove barriers to attending school. Without such assistance these children will not have any hope for a better future.

Your help ensures that children living in poverty-stricken areas have access to life-changing benefits.

Help us to protect and empower every child who is left vulnerable by poverty.