The Advantages of Donating Money to Charity

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The Advantages of Donating Money to Charity

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Charity giving can reduce for many different reasons–such as increasing interest rates, a potential stock exchange correction, and ongoing reduction in labor damages. But just because certain financial factors may have an impact on supply, this doesn’t imply you need to put your private charitable efforts. You might be surprised to know that, ultimately, it could be one that reaps some of the best advantages of your participation. Listed below are few positive impact of donating to charity. Read More…

Aged Care Charity

Aged Care Charity

A total revenue of $142.8 billion for the charity sector was reported by the ACNC for the 2016 year.

“Australia’s aged care industry supports Over 1.3 million older people are supported in   Australia’s aged care industry and is rapidly growing,” Ms Pascoe said.

In 2015, only 2.9% of all charities (51,679) in Australia covered the aged care sector as their main activity. These charities performed a wide range of activities that benefited the older people, however, many participated in the national aged care system delivering home care services and residential care services. These services provide a wide range of activities including, social and religious services, cultural and recreational opportunities. Read More…

Giving to the Poor and Needy – Rohingya Refugee Crisis

rohingya refugee crisis

Bangladesh is the site of ram-shackled refugee settlements for nearly one million Rohingya.

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have been driven out of Myanmar as a result of the burgeoning violence. They were denied of identity, stripped of human rights, forced from their homes as a result of decades of hostility and oppression. Many more Rohingya remain trapped between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Amnesty International says there is irrefutable evidence of a deliberate campaign to push Rohingya out of Rakhine state. Read More…

Australia told to ‘lift its game’

Australia told to ‘lift its game’

At a time when other countries are steeply increasing foreign aid, Australia has exacerbated this situation by delivering its 2017-2018 budget, including $303.3 million in cuts to ODA (official development assistance).

The OECD (The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development) latest peer review of Australia (26th March 2018) said the effectiveness of Australia’s humanitarian efforts has been impaired by successive cuts the nation’s humanitarian aid budget. Read More…

Tax Deductible Donations

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Claiming deductions at tax time can be a massive headache for the average person as well as private and corporate businesses. However, claiming tax-deductible donations such as those made to IHO Global, will place you in a stronger position regarding tax deduction certainty. Tax-deductible donations are the government’s way of both rewarding and encouraging the public to donate to charities.

Tax time can be a much brighter time of the year for you after all. It will change your perspective and even prove rewarding, knowing you will be helping those who are less fortunate, whilst saving on your tax. Read More…

No Country is Immune to Trafficking in Persons

Global Economy 2018

Trafficking in human beings is a gross human rights violation and a profitable crime that can be found in the production and delivery of services and goods we consume.

Supply chains are the arteries in the complex global market today. Labour, goods and materials are sourced from all around the globe. It can be difficult for consumers and buyers to be sure that the services and goods they procure or purchase were not produced by trafficked labour. Read More…

World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis


The world’s worst humanitarian crisis is taking place is Yemen.

As the conflict enters its fourth year, three-quarters of the population – more than 22 million people, nearly three quarters of the population, 11.3 million are children – need humanitarian assistance and protection. The crisis affects nearly every child in Yemen. Read More…



Bill Shorten, opposition leader says, he will not support “anything that punishes the charity and not-for-profit sector”. Shorten said,

“Charities and not-for-profits need donations to fund their issues-based advocacy work and should be able to participate in the policy-making process without being treated as if they have a political intent,” Read More…

Learning Crisis in Developing Countries

Learning Crisis in Developing Countries

‘By 2030, half of the world’s 1.6 billion young people will not have the skills they need to fulfil their potential.’

Poor children in developing countries face many obstacles regarding access to education. Some are blatantly obvious such as – children living in rural area in developing countries have no school they can attend – while other barriers are not so oblivious such as – teachers with inadequate teacher training who are unable to effectively deliver the level of education needed.    Read More…