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International Humanitarian Organisation

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the root causes of poverty which gives rise to and perpetuates vulnerability, abuse, human trafficking, child labour, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, in particular, women at risk. Our mission is committed to the elimination of these evils through a preventative and remedial approach at both an individual and community level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a forum in which the Australian and international community can come to terms with the multiple humanitarian issues associated with abandoned or destitute children, orphans, young women and vulnerable persons at risk. Our vision is to promote innovative solutions for these vulnerable persons at risk who invariably become victims of gross human rights violations.

Our Objective

Our objective is to undertake humanitarian initiatives in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, providing humanitarian aid and relief for the poorest of poor communities, displaced and stateless persons. Our objective is to identify and prioritise immediate needs, implement long-term sustainable solutions and promote self-dependence. This is at the heart of what we do.

International Humanitarian Organisation International Humanitarian Organisation

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  • Humanitarian Organisations

    Humanitarian organisations have been instrumental and effective in combating human trafficking. Humanitarian organisations have proven their effectiveness by promoting public awareness and pressing governments for legislation.

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Trafficked victims are often subjected to cruel mental and physical abuse in order to keep them in servitude. Many children are exposed and suffer from sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS

    Human Rights

    Human Rights are the fundamental principles of an ethnic community which guarantees equality, respect and dignity of each human being, whilst upholding the worth and freedom of each human being in that community.

The Mekong Region

  • International Humanitarian Organisation

    Child Trafficking

    In Asia, the Mekong region - (China, Lao, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam) is the main arena of child trafficking. The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security informs us (2016) that sexual exploitation of foreign children who are victims of human trafficking destined for Thailand is on the rise. Innocent children and being trafficked from China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos. Social media is now being used to recruit children into sex trafficking.

    Global Public Health Disaster

    Malaria drug-resistant superbugs threaten a global public health disaster unless urgent action is taken to fight their spread in South-East Asia.